The smart AI powered assistant for Mac

Gepette is a smart and easy-to-use chatGPT AI powered assistant to help you cope with many tasks of varying complexity in seconds: brainstorming, new ideas, advice, explanations, content writing, marketing, SEO, languages translation, and more.


🤔 Will Gepette definitely work on my computer?
The app works on macOS 11 and later.
🤔 Is the app compatible with the Apple M1 chip?
🤔 How to activate my account?
Just sign in using your Apple ID in the Account section of the app.
🤔 What's Gepette pricing?
There are 3 subscription plans available in the app. Starter - $2.99, Pro - $5.99 and King - $9.99. In our opinion, these plans should cover the needs of most Gepette users.
🤔 What do I get for free on Trial?
You can try out the app and find out for yourself the use cases as well as your preferred subscription plan for your purposes. The trial includes about 4 A4 pages for testing, that's about 1500 words.
🤔 How to Upgrade / Downgrade my subscription?
Please note that the Downgrade doesn't happen immediately, but instead it's happen next month beginning with the new subscription plan's start which you have downgraded to (this is how Apple's subscription works). You may find it strange and think that there's some mistake as the subscription charge amount still looks the same, but this is not true . The current active plan from which you are downgrading will be valid until the end of the month, and from the beginning of the next month the new plan to which you downgraded will automatically be active.The Upgrade charges you instantly. But the unused portion of the subscription limit from the previous month will be automatically refunded to you (this is how Apple's payment system works and Gepette operates within it).
🤔 Why can't I use purchased Add-on packages without subscription?
This is the policy of our subscription model. This is because we use a very democratic pricing system to ensure the maximum affordable prices for most users.
🤔 What to do if I've used up my subscription limit per month?
You can buy Add-on packages with additional word credits in the Account section at any time. If your subscription limit is used up and you don't have enough to do new queries, the app will automatically notify you about it.
🤔 Can I view the history of queries I made before?
By default, all your queries history is stored and displayed in the Query feed. If you have cleared it in Settings, you can't view it.
🤔 Can Gepette do text translation into different languages?
Unless you want to spend all your word credits very quickly, we recommend using language translations very rarely or not at all, as the chatGPT API uses tokens for translations in a very peculiar way.
🤔 Is it possible to synchronize my content in the app between devices?
Synchronizing content between devices is not possible yet for security reasons. But we are working on it. Also, you can safely use your subscription on several computers by logging in and restoring your subscription.
🤔 Account Deletion / Restoring
Once an account is deleted, it can no longer be restored. You will have to register a new one again. Please also note that any additional subscriptions and add-on packages purchased will be instantly deleted with no refund (this is how Apple's account deletion system works). Also after deleting your account, don't forget to check your iCloud subscriptions and cancel your Gepette one, because even a deleted account will continue to charge you a monthly fee.
A full site version is in the works...